On March 16th, a Georgia boat owner reported that he had found a “strange loch-ness type creature” on the beach of the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in McIntosh County of Geogria.

The creature was in a video posted online by the boat owner, who somehow was able to operate a modern cell phone despite being from Georgia.

Experts say that this creature is mysterious and its origins are not entirely known, but it is perfectly scientifically safe to deduce that it is either a plesiosaur, like the Loch-Ness Monster, or a genetic mutant created in a sub-oceanic government lab off the shore of Georgia.

No word from scientists on if the creature has any infectious diseases that may have been spread to anyone in close contact with it. Further testing is deemed impossible because government agents may have descended upon the beach and removed the body from public eye.

If there are more of these creatures, we have seen very few signs of them, aside from blurry photos posted by credible witnesses all around the world.

Stay tuned to The Revere Report for continuing updates on this story.


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