You folks may remember back in 2003 we reported on the Ancient Alien Mummy, Ata, that was found in the deserted mining town La Noria, Chile.  Back then, we proved beyond reasonable doubt that this mummy was from beyond our solar system, and we were silenced for doing so.  Death threats poured in, the MIB was follow us for years, Pre-Drones were constantly in the corner of our eyes.  It was a rough couple of years, until we agreed to take our research off of The Internet.

Well, She has popped back up in the news today folks, and it’s nothing but lies.  All major news outlets are reporting in that She is just a human with a number of genetic mutations causing the small size, oblong skull, and abnormal rib count.  They are also claiming that She is only, about, 40 years old.  Anyone with eyes can see that this is an Ancient Being, please don’t let the Google-Matrix-Propaganda-Machine fool you again.




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