On Monday, federal authorities arrested Keith Raniere at his security laden New York compound on charges of sex trafficking, necromancy, and tax evasion.

Raniere is the founder and leader of the NXIVM necromancy sex cult, which often disguises itself as a self help group. The group is known for giving “self help seminars” that cost attendees thousands of dollars and sometimes even digits or limbs from their bodies. Reniere denies these claims, but often does so while sitting on a throne made of corpses.

NXIVM has been in the news before, in 2009 the Dalai Lama refused to speak at the compound, saying “What? The corpse fucking guy? Hell no!” Raniere also denied the accusation at the time, and sued for defamation, but lost because the judge “really didn’t buy his bullshit”.

No word on when Raniere will be arraigned, but authorities are on high security for hordes of undead sex slaves that Raniere may or may not be able to summon as a sort of pre-bail, a loophole rarely utilized and highly controversial among lawmakers.

Other necromancy cults are on high alert at the moment, fearing a federal crackdown on a typically unacknowledged underground network of sex trafficking, Flakka production, knock off Ikea products, and corpse reanimation.

Attorney and General Piece of Shit Jeff Sessions is expected to make comments on Tuesday regarding federal law enforcement and their responsibility to keep these kind of networks away from public eye so as not to embarrass high profile members involved in them.

Stay tuned to The Revere Report for more details as this story develops!


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