In 2010 the Middle East began massive change that would sweep the world into a perpetual state of war and media frenzy. Protests in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and other countries took to the streets after the Tunisian revolution started. Change was in the air and the people were beginning to realize their power and the effectiveness of organization.

2011 saw the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, a long and bloody conflict that still rages today. Over half of Syria’s population has been displaced either internally or as refugees as a result of the fighting. Some cities are left ghost towns, merely burnt husks of the thriving communities they once were. The conflict began as peaceful protest, but as the oppressive Syrian government began cracking down on the protesters, tensions rose. Part of the Syrian military split off and became the Free Syrian Army and fighting began. ISIS and Al Nusra began their terror campaigns, and the Kurds decided to organize very effective militias and form their own socialist state of Rojava. Syria was torn apart from many different directions, and would never look the same.

But things got worse for Syria. As ISIS activity increased and more and more territory was taken, the United States decided to get involved. This eventually led to funding of the Kurds by the US as a proxy in the area. The Kurds hate Assad, and Turkey; and Assad and Turkey hate the Kurds, but neither Assad nor Turkey get along with eachother. Iran and Hezbolla are now involved. Russia steps in to back Assad. Israel starts firing rockets. The situation is as complicated as it can get. At this point, there are more players involved than most can keep track of. Add in chemical weapon attacks (looking at you CIA) and unconfirmed reports of US and Russian ground forces actually exchanging fire last year, and things start to reach a boiling point. It’s a thunderdome. And not the cool kind.


So why in the hell does everyone want their hands on Syria? What is there that is so important that Russia and the United States are nearly at war? Why does Israel want to level the whole area? Many immediately assume that it’s oil, which Syria had quite the stockpile of in 2010, before all the conflicts began. But after years of continued war and changing control over oil fields, no one knows how much Syria has left, if any at all. Others guess that Syria is just an unfortunate pawn in the long lasting Cold War between the United States and Russia. While this may be partially true, it is narrow in scope, and merely a small piece of the Syrian puzzle. The real reason that Syria continues to be the center of geopolitical war games has been completely hidden from the public eye, because what lies hidden in Syria would change human history forever.

When Aleppo was being threatened, Assad decided he needed to escape. He could not risk being captured, as he was a tyrant and any of the armed groups that would have caught him surely would have had his head. All escape routes from Aleppo had been cut off, so instead Assad went underground.

Deep under Aleppo sits a secret Syrian military base, known only to an elite few in the Syrian government, as well as the purveyors of fine truths internationally. Within this underground military base sits the sole reason for international interest in Syria. A one hundred percent fully functional star gate. Left over from ancient times in a vast cavern under Aleppo, the star gate was found in the 60s, and was quickly covered up as a top secret military base, not dissimilar from Area 51 in the United States. The Syrian public is aware of its existence, but not its purpose, though it is steeped in urban myth.

When Assad needed to escape Aleppo, this is where he went, replacing his public image with a low cost Taiwanese clone body with 60% brain functionality. Where the star gate leads is anyone’s guess, as no one but Assad and his top scientists have seen it, but rumor is that it leads not just to another star system, but to somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, some 2.537 million light years away.

Likely the world has not seen the last of the real Assad. Syria will topple eventually and some group or another will gain control of the star gate. To what end they will use it is anyones guess. What is certain though, is that the star gate exists, and it is fully functional. Who built it? Why did they build it? Where does it lead? These are questions that we are all asking, but the answers remain hidden. Only those who seek the truth above all else can answer these questions.

Tune in every Monday and seek truth with us on The Revere Report.

Stay vigilant folks.


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