Take a look at that man above. Who the hell is he? Is that Ted Bundy? No. Steven King? Closer but still no. That man is one Robert Lazar, and if you haven’t heard of him you’re probably either an idiot or not into alien conspiracies, which also makes you an idiot.

You’re an idiot.

Anyways, in the early 90s, Lazar came forward and exposed what he claimed was a giant conspiracy by the United States government to conceal the fact that they had actual alien spacecraft and were working on reverse engineering them. Pretty big claims from a guy looking like the physical embodiment of white people as a whole in 1989. But is there any merit to his claims? I could explain it here, or I could tell you to just go listen to our new episode of RR: Declassified and decide for yourself, which I am doing, in a long and roundabout way. Instead of giving you details that you can find on your own by listening to our new episode (you idiot), I’m going to provide you with more pictures of a man who looks like he starred in an 80s Steven King movie and now that I’m typing this out I really want King to direct a film about this guy and star in it because that would be great.

Look at that fucking man.

Just fucking look at him.

Wait that’s Carlo, shit

There we go

What a fucking champ.

Anyways go listen to the RR: Declassified episode and figure out what this gem of a man is all about and whether or not you should lose sleep over his claims.

As always folks, stay vigilant


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