A few days ago, Supreme Leader Jr., Mike Pence, announced the creation of the 6th branch of the United States Military: Space Force. Immediately the idea was met with backlash from both sides of the isle. Both Democrats and Republicans have united in their confusion over the necessity of a militarized space force, much to the chagrin of Supreme Leader Trump’s regime.

So what is Space Force? And why do we need it?
Well, let me clue you in you god damn mouth breather. Have you ever seen a documentary about space? Do you have any fucking idea what is out there? Jesus christ man this is no joke. There are some bad motherfuckers out there among the stars at night who god created entirely to torment and eat us.

Ever seen these things?

Or how about these things?
images (1)

And we know you’ve seen these demented little fucks

Or these guys? Wait… no yeah these guys too…
images (2)

And finally the worst threat to humanity that exists…
images (3)

How can you, in the face of all this pure evil, sit there and say that Space Force is a stupid idea? I mean, its almost like the Democrats and Republicans WANT the human race to be extinct, because that’s whats going to happen if we don’t make a ton of spaceships capable of launching at least 150 nuclear devices simultaneously at any point in the solar system. You give em an inch and they build factories on Titan where they process human beings into small wafers to eat. It’s simple folks, there is a threat on the horizon and it’s DEFINITELY not the Russians. The Supreme Leader and his assistant are tapped into a higher state of consciousness and have astral projected all the way to the Andromeda galaxy. They know what they’re doing. When was the last time you astral projected you little bitch?

Stay vigilant folks.


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